Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Should have figured this out years ago

Feivel went to a new camp (just for this week), an aquatics and sports camp run through the county. We were able to have them set him up with a buddy/aide, particularly so he's "flagged" to the adults in charge as special needs. He came home exhausted, well-behaved, and even cleaned his room on his own happily, which is a first in his life! Hopefully this afternoon will go as well as yesterday.

We spent last week at the beach, which is why I've gotten nothing else done. The kids had a great time, except that by Tuesday Sachy had sunburned his face so badly it was swollen and blistered, so he was not a happy camper. The younger 2 kids loved being with all their cousins. Addie pretty much spent every waking moment on the beach; she absolutely adored the ocean side. They both complained heartily when it was time to leave, and tried to insist that we'd go back this week to DE again.

Other than that, seriously, I've gotten nothing done. I've been working for about 4 weeks on one never-ending scarf, and not even knitting a single other thing, but it's not finished yet!

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