Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Book review: A Place for Delta

Eleven year old Joseph travels from Georgia to Alaska and back, encountering smugglers, anti-environmentalist forces, and 19th century gold along the way. In addition, he befriends a number of new children his age from North and South America, assists in animal research, and helps establish a southern polar bear refuge.
This new novel for pre-teens is easily read. It is a bit slow, but always clear. For older readers, there is very little suspense, but for the younger ones there is probably just the right level of mystery and new ideas. There are leaders and main characters of a variety of races and backgrounds. Settings are very rural but portrayed as backwards.
I would definitely recommend this for the younger reader interested in a bit of suspense, or who has an interest in animal rescue stories. It's also a good choice for group reading or adult-child co-reading.

Publication info: Melissa Walker, author; Whale Tale Press, 2010; ISBN 978-0982478400; Amazon page is here.

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