Monday, August 16, 2010

The Cohens Have Done the County Fair.

There's a whole album of photos here, including a lot of shots of the kids on the rides.
But I did go ahead and enter some of my knitting and spinning and did well!
The spinning skeins I submitted won too, but just a blue and a white ribbon.

The kids enjoyed the fair; they definitely got their money's worth (well, our money's worth) out of the rides. Feivel did get himself sick but only disappeared twice. He wasn't happy that he wasn't being bought every toy he saw and allowed to play every game he passed, so he insisted he didn't enjoy anything...until he was fed some ice cream (thank goodness for kosher ice cream at the fair), and realized life wasn't so rotten. Kayla was fantastic taking Adele everywhere and going on all the rides with her; Sachy took Gilad around, too.

The ice creams were huge, so Feivel, Gilad, and Adele were covered (Gilad still has chocolate ice cream up his nose now). Adele was so worn out that she fell asleep as soon as we left the parking lot coming home. She woke up, ate a popsicle to re-hydrate a bit, and had a shower, and has been in a very good mood since; she even ate two bowls of chick peas for dinner, which is a huge meal for her.


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Congrats on all the Champion ribbons! Totally well-deserved.