Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a new year, a new post

School started! AKA "Project Sanity." Feivel's in special ed, Tirtze's at the public hs, the rest of the kids are at the Hebrew Academy as planned. Weirdly, Tirtze is very happy and comfortable and settled right in. I got a call today to start planning to get her a redone IEP, but honestly I don't know that she needs anything, except I don't want to wait until she falls apart and not have one on the record.
Then came Rosh Hashanah. Monday last week my knee bothered me. Tuesday I thought I honestly was going to die of aseptic meningitis. Wednesday I felt somewhat better, Thursday my knee was all blown up...I'm really honestly feeling a lot better now, but my knee is still bothering me. MD says probable small tear in the cartilage, possibly due to the injury, possibly due to the illness, or some combination. But I can't treadle my spinning wheel properly so I'm not happy. I am already out and about again, though, so it's okay. I'm just still babying myself.
Before all of that though, I finished my first ever weaving project, whoo, hoo, and now I'm planning on weaving a jacket!

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