Sunday, October 3, 2010

finishing off the BIG month

We've had Rosh Hashanah, which I approached with aseptic meningitis and mildly torn knee cartilage, and during which Addie got a tick bite on her tummy and Jeffrey got a nasty 24 hour stomach virus. Then we had Yom Kippur, which passed without incident and in fact quite nicely. I can only assume that somehow we had a certain amount of tsoris (yiddish for pain, suffering, usually in a whiny way) leftover for the year that we had to get out of the way! I can't complain, all got over everything quite nicely and satisfactorily.
Sukkos passed fairly uneventfully too; we had rain off and on but were able to eat in the Sukkah. It was quite hot, but no one really suffered. The bugs were minimal given the weather. No one got sick this time, and everyone really enjoyed it. The kids had a ball on Simchas Torah, though at one point Gilad did admit to having eaten so much candy he had a tummy ache.
Now we're done and back to life as usual. Gilad has an eye doctor appointment first thing Monday morning; we'll see whether he's going to need any patching in the upcoming months. We have many errands, calls, and odds and ends that have been left hanging during the holidays.
And we love everybody out there!

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