Sunday, October 3, 2010

What I did in September when I wasn't sick or celebrating

I did manage some crafting, too...I finished my sock yarn (merino, bamboo rayon, and nylon) and made some socks for mom.
I spun some corespun fine weight yarn in very bright superwash BFL (not my first choice for corespinning, but so pretty).
I wove a towel on my new beloved loom.
I spun Orenburg style alpaca, cashmere, and silk lace yarn to knit an Orenburg style shawl.
I worked on Aunt Hedy's cowgirl socks, though I don't have a picture (coming soon), and I did start another Orenburg scarf, to get the hang of it (I'm not getting the hang of it yet, but I hope I really will).


galiah said...

Glad to "see you" back!!! I was getting worried about you-- but then figured it was the usual new-school-yr/ lots-of-holdiays syndrome...
I love your new creations!!!
I am continually impressed...

Leesy said...

Thanks, Galiah! You got it--it's most of all the "everyone is on the computer all the time" problem. By the time late at night that I get on, I'm not feeling very creative at writing. But we're well.