Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meanwhile, back in our lives

The knitting and spinning continue with some Finn/Dorset sock yarn, some Corrie X lace weight yarn, a dress for Adele now that she's grown a tiny bit
and Aunt Hedy's socks!
In further household news, Adele continues to NOT potty train (she's the only girl in her class not trained); Gilad read me 4 "Bob" books this weekend, Feivel's making progress in his First Responder training; and now the two little kids are both whining because Feivel is eating the last Tofutti Cutie and they're not getting any. Gilad is also inviting penguins to come stay by leaving the freezer open.


galiah said...

I love that purpl-y yarn! (sorry for using so basic a color term-- for lack of something more sophisticated, like burgundy or the like...)
Great news about Gilad reading! Don't know if he's up to this yet, but here we love Mo Willems' Piggie and Gerald books (yeah, and pigeon!)-- simple enough for young kids to read, with all the nuances and humor that they "get" from the illustrations etc.

Leesy said...

Oh, I just think the yarn's purple-y, too, I have no idea how else to name it. And we LOVE Piggie and Gerald here, too, but Gilad isn't quite ready to read them on his own (anyway, we read them so much that even 3 year old Addie can "read" them or recite them word-for-word, having memorized them after dozens of readings). This is why I have been known to announce to the world at large, "I am not a happy pig!" and why we have been known frequently to look at the kids, roll our eyes, and announce, "You need help."