Monday, November 1, 2010

Fall, fall

Since Gilad and Addie are such "helps," we sent Addie off to help elsewhere today. In other words, she and the whole MJBHA preschool took their annual trip to the autumn farm. She saw cows and goats (and a baby cow, she said), and brought home a cob of popcorn and a pumpkin. Naturally this meant fresh popcorn and pumpkin seeds for afternoon snack for everyone.
I've spun a whole 2 ounces of my cashgora/silk blend on my Russian spindle; now I need to wait for my 2/220 silk to arrive from India (!) so that I can ply it and have my spindle ready to tackle the (gasp!) cashmere. I'm almost tempted to suggest I spin that for my Charms OWL next term at Hogwarts rather than choosing a lace shawl pattern to knit, but I doubt that will happen. I have too many big lace shawls queued up anyhow. I'm so excited to have gotten better at the spindle though.
Gilad is reading in English and in Hebrew. This afternoon he sat with Jeffrey reading his Hebrew words, interspaced with knock-knock jokes they told each other.

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