Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Talk

No, not the one you're thinking of. I had to have a "Feivel talk" with 5 year old little-brother Gilad. Gilad was hiding under the table, unaccountably upset when I asked him to get dressed this morning. It took a while to find out from him what was really bothering him, but it turned out he was distressed by how Feivel had woken him up in the morning for no reason and then behaved, well, like Feivel all morning before leaving for synagogue with Jeffrey.
So how do you really explain to a 5 year old that his 14 year old brother is going to behave less responsibly and less reasonably than he himself is, and that he has to lower his expectations a certain way and expect that things he's always told about behavior may not have any impact on his oldest brother? I mean, I didn't make it too long or deep, but I did have to tell Gilad that sometimes he's just going to have to imagine he's the big one, just like 12 year old Sachy does, and reminded him that basically Sachy has to perform the role of oldest boy in many ways (which Gilad knows and recognizes). So it begins, I guess.
On the lighter, knitting note, I've been spinning some cashmere (oooh, cashmere) on a Russian spindle (yes, I'm addicted now), I knit some socks for Sarah,
I'm knitting some other socks now just because they needed a test-knit at The Yarn Spot, and I've cast on a real Faroese shawl pattern in some handspun 2 ply CVM laceweight, to make up for the disaster which was an attempt at a test knit for a designer who never should have imagined her design was ready for test knitting (which means I have about 800 yards worth of textured yarn knit into lace which has to be unknit and re-prepped for knitting some other time into some worthwhile project). It's okay. Faroese lace makes many thing better, and CVM makes everything better.

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Ruchi said...

we had to have this talk with my daughter as well. she is 15 months younger than yedidya but really the oldest child in so many ways. i think it is a discussion we will have to revisit every few years as the kids get older and have more questions