Monday, November 22, 2010

Thanksgiving Looms!

I mean figuratively, though I know that around this blog it could go either way.
Julie and family arrive Tuesday evening, Margo and family Thursday morning.  Wednesday night some random grouping of my children will be sleeping over at their grandparents' with Julie and crew.  Thursday will bring waffles, parade, play, cooking, and turkey.  Hopefully it will bring less drama than last year when Feivel got lost.
Right now though I'm just very depressed.  Any one thing might be manageable, but it's just too much:  kids behaviors are not unique in a vacuum, they're experienced cumulatively and simultaneously.  So are other peoples' comments and feedback and opinions.  Along with those come all the other things going on and it's snowballed into an avalanche I can't avoid.  I've really emotionally had it and am completely worn out.  I don't need anyone else telling me what I'm doing wrong in any one area unless they personally plan to step in and fix that area, and fix it in the context of our whole set of lives and our household.
Sorry to be a downer.  Hopefully the rest of the week will bring photos of pretty knitwear and yummy baked goods.


Long Ridge Farm said...

hang in there. these are hard times around the holidays when daily issues are magnified by the holiday frenzy. breath deeply and look forward, not side to side or backward.

Kate said...

And it's hard to ignore the "helpful" advice that people give. All I can do is give you virtual hugs and hope that you enjoy the holiday even with all the things going on.

Ruchi said...

we special frum moms are doing the best we can every day a little bit at a time and we need to remind ourselves of that often...i definitely recommend some cholcoate therapy along with a healthy dose of spinning and knitting

Anonymous said...

You´re doing a great job!
Your children loves you.
And there´s always chocolate. And I´m going to make saffron biscotti.
Lots of hugs from a snowed over Sweden.