Friday, December 3, 2010

Made it through, did some stuff

We really had a lovely Thanksgiving.  All the little cousins played, they were sweet, the food was great, everyone was good and had a lovely time.  The next day, of course, several people came down with a stomach virus, and more the day after that, but you can't have everything.  Unfortunately, my parents still both don't feel great, but I guess that's the price of having all the grandchildren over, with all their germs from around the country?

Faroese Shawl

I did get a few things knit in the end of November
Test knit pansy socks

910 yards, 1.8 oz of cashmere and silk

cashmere off the spindle
and I sent off some hats and scarves for the Larkin Street project for homeless teens:

Now if I could kick the depression, things might be okay.  I just still keep hearing about everything I've done wrong all my life, especially with my kids, without anyone having a single suggestion for anything that would actually be any better especially that would work globally in the context of our whole family. If you have a solution for surviving with 2 teenagers with serious mental illness, 1 teenager with developmental disability and behavioral problems, 1 preteen requiring continued monitoring for the life threatening GI disease that manifested the first 10 years of his life, a 5 year old who needs speech therapy, and a 3 year old who periodically the doctors worry about having a liver disease; and then getting all the regular stuff like orthodontist visits and house cleaning done, then pitch in and speak up and I'll be grateful.  If you want to tell me everything I have done wrong raising my kids and how our religion and beliefs are the root of all the family's problems (apparently practicing Judaism affected our genetics, according to the thinking I get from some people), or how if we just changed the past would fix everything (good luck with that), or how other people I can't control I need to change (yeah, good luck with that too), or anything else along those lines, you know what you can do with your thoughts much less your comments.  I can't cope.


Anonymous said...

I think you are doing a great job. You are very inspiring and I do love all your stories. You have introduced me to judeism and some pretty interesting books. I would like to say something very poetic and true, but your language comfuses me and it´s (to quote Hugh Laurie) like playing tennis with a salmon instead of a bat.
So hang on there Leesy, you are amazing!
I´m thinking of you.

galiah said...

I wish I could offer more-- but sending you a hug... sigh...

Anonymous said...

I can't beleive you are human! I have one teenager with mental illness and I cannot cope with it. How can you cope with it and knit so beautifully as well?

Leesy said...

Thank you.