Tuesday, December 28, 2010

It figures

In the middle of the night the other night, I wrote a whole long, lyrical, philosophical post about a friend's pain, my own experiences as an outsider in some situations, and how it all connected to faith.  Of course, I only wrote it in my mind, but believe me, it was quite brilliant.  Unfortunately, as these things always go, during day time the last few days I never seem to be able to capture that same brilliance and get it down through my fingers into the keyboard, so the only thing I have to post is the usual nonsense.

I've been a really bad blogger since I joined Facebook, haven't I?  It seems like I post all the little things regularly there and on Ravelry, and then I'm irresponsible about really posting here.  I need to be better about that in 2011.

Gilad and his birthday cake
In our house, everyone's fine, though we've had quite a ridiculous winter of viruses (nothing serious whatsoever).  The big snow that hit the US East Coast completely missed us, we had nary a dusting.  The kids are all on winter break and wish they did have snow to play in.  Gilad celebrated his 6th birthday in typical Gilad style (see above).    Tirtze had the opportunity to try an art program, but found it was too reminiscent of her school art class, so that wasn't a big hit.  Sachy's excitement is that he's registered for a 2 day program through the Parks Service to do his BSA Geology Merit Badge, including a day spelunking; and then he and Feivel will do 2 other badges at a merit badge fair on Sunday after we return from a weekend in Norfolk.
And Adele has recovered from a bout of the sticker measles.

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