Thursday, February 24, 2011

February is short, so are we

Well, most of us are short.  Adele has sort of, kind of, almost maybe outgrown a beautiful, favorite dress I knit her last year (in the sense that the sleeves are maybe 1/8" too short) so I knit the largest size in a sleeveless option.  I figure she can wear it for a couple of years as a jumper, then as a tunic, and she should get wear out of it until she's maybe 6 years old!  It's not just that she's tiny; the design with the round, ribbed yoke, lends itself to easy size accommodation.  It really is a wonderful, beautiful pattern, nevermind that it takes over 900 yards of yarn to knit a single baby dress.
skirt panel detail

Otherwise, there's not much happening.  The boys survived the boy scout camp out up north despite getting 8" of fresh snow the last night; the park ranger had them all plowed out by morning and they had no trouble departing.  Gilad has a new interest:  dinosaurs!  Sachy is quizzing him on which are carnivores, omnivores, and herbivores; which are which species, and so on.  It's quite cute and age-appropriate.  Gone is the interest in trains.  Pokemon never seems to get old to them, though.

Oh, and I scored big at the Borders going-out-of-business sale; 3 Gerald-and-Piggie books, a Boynton, and to my delight, "Diary of a Baby Wombat!"  Sadly, they didn't have the original ("Diary of a Wombat" if you don't know it).

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