Friday, March 11, 2011

Playing with the new toy

Yes, I've been playing and spinning with the new Schacht Matchless.  Two yarns finished already:
2 ply lace weight 600 yds
2 ply fingering weight 320 yds

Plus I pulled out the smaller rigid heddle loom and wove some wash cloths and a towel, to try out a pile weaving technique.
2 cotton wash cloths and a hand towel

The last few days Adele has been coming home from school and falling asleep for 3 hours.  The first night I almost bopped her; at 10:30 pm she was still up and I gave up and took her into my bed with me so no one else had to deal with her.  Jeffrey was having a bad day and night; he got some water in his inner ear canal while doing a sinus wash to control his allergy symptoms, and wound up so dizzy and nauseous he couldn't do anything except lie in bed completely still for all of Wednesday evening.  Now out of nowhere Gilad announced to the school nurse that he has an ear ache.  On the plus side, the two older boys  are off to a boy scout campout for the weekend!

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