Thursday, March 24, 2011

Well, Purim is passed

And we know what that means...I'm already behind on Passover cleaning!  At least I'm ahead on the lower floor, since I did the massive clean-up this last winter down there.
We did have a visit from Austin the purple kangaroo (that was Addie's costume, but no pics) and Ash when he turned into a Pikachu (that was Gilad), stuffed ourselves, and are still on a sugar high from Purim.

Kayla's recovering from her broken foot, and the MDs are consulting with the bone density "guru" at Children's National Medical Center about what to test her for since this is at least her 8th fracture in a few years.  She may just be an outlier on the normal range, but we want to know whether there's something else going on.  They've started her on vitamin D supplements meanwhile, since no matter whether that's contributing to her breaks they're sure she's deficient given lifestyle factors (no sunshine, no milk drinking).

test knit mitts in Lamb's Pride
I have been doing some knitting and spinning.
Ginevra's Pullover in Cascade 220
test knit hat in black-bean dyed wool
2 ply mohair weaving yarn

And Gilad just woke up and tried to sneak up on me but sneezed just as he was saying, "boo!"

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