Tuesday, April 5, 2011

And who are we today?

Addie has to tell us every morning just who she is:  Addie, Austin the purple kangaroo from Backyardigans, Shiny the pteranodon from Dinosaur Train, or Dora the Explorer.  Mostly, she's Shiny (which is very cute and cuddly), but it does vary.  She has a new Dora nightgown, so she's very happy to be Dora at night.  In the Austin vein, though, I seem to be knitting only purple these days:
Sample toddler tank for The Yarn Spot;
 Addie already has one just like it 
simple scarf in leftover Lamb's Pride

Test knit top for Addie; gorgeous pattern
but so very complicated to shape!
Did I mention that I've only got 1 room completely cleaned for Passover, and this coming Sunday I'll be gone all day in Annapolis for a Special Olympics track & field competition, along with Feivel and Kayla, both of whom still need to get their rooms cleaned?  Yeah, next week is not going to be fun.  I have started a little shopping, and put in an order for some odds and ends (meatballs, salads, a potato kugel, a pound of charoses) with a local kosher caterer who's going to deliver for Passover orders (hooray!).  But expect some panic between now and Passover, okay?

Parting shots of Adele trying on her new shirt, before she spilt chocolate milk all down the front:

Parting shot of Gilad the goofball, who has decided he is now a big kid, and when he's not studying dinosaurs he's reading up on his new rock collection (and thanks again, Jacque F., for sending him the great rocks and the book!).  Now I have to check his pockets for rocks before I do his laundry; he keeps favorite pebbles with him at all times it seems!
Yes, he likes to play with the camera, too

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