Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm so glad this is as "sad" as it gets here

Yesterday I had to go to Target.  It's the week before Passover, after all, and 100% of my time should be spent either cleaning or shopping.  Don't tell anyone I spent this whole morning going up to Frederick, 45 minutes away, to bring 2 fleeces to a new fiber mill.  But anyhow, while I was at the store yesterday I realized Gilad needed some more briefs, and went to the boys' undergarments section.  Another mother had to move her cart out of my way so I could see the little boys' underwear, and I mentioned that I had to buy something new for him because Thomas the Tank Engine was just no longer cool in his crowd.  Her comment (my sentiments exactly) was, "That's so sad!"  It was just last year that he made a special point of wearing his Winnie the Pooh sweatsuit for class picture day because that was his coolest outfit.  Now I'm buying Star Wars briefs and he's wearing Yoda on his little butt.
Since I shouldn't be doing anything except cleaning and shopping, of course I've still been spinning and knitting.  I spun some wonderful silk,
 and I finally finished my Covers and Soles set to go to their organization for servicemembers.
Sunday was the Annapolis Special Olympics games, and I've posted a photo album here for anyone who wants to see our athletes, including Feivel, and volunteers and coaches, including Kayla.

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