Sunday, June 12, 2011

Well summer is a comin' in

I've been crazy because it's one of those over-busy times of the year:  when summer preparations need to all be made, while at the same time winter/spring activities are still continuing.  Tirtze found a summer job, Kayla's set to spend the whole summer working with the archeology camp, and Feivel's joined the swim team at the pool club, which means daily practices right after school.  This week I'm working, tomorrow is Addie's birthday party at school, there are daily swim practices, Gilad graduates kindergarden, Feivel graduates middle school, Kayla finishes at MJBHA since she's attending the public school next year, Feivel has his class trip to Kings' Dominion, and then most of us are leaving Thursday for a trip to Jeffrey's parents'!

We did finish the Special Olympics track and field season today; there's a full picture album here of the day's activities (as badly photographed by myself).

I did get some spinning
eight ounces of  2 ply wool, silk and rayon from Crosspatch Creations Batts

and some knitting done (but the knitting is a gift so I'm waiting with the pics).

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