Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Return of Fred (aka, cultures collide, knitter runs short)

I spun about 7 ounces of the Hog Island wool I bought a few weeks ago.  It made a delightful 2 ply light fingering weight long draw yarn, in a medium brown shade.  I used a little of it for the big sheep sweater, and since I had over 600 yards left, I decided to use the rest for a lovely, warm, heavy rectangular Haapsalu saal (Estonian shawl) using a pattern from Nancy Bush's "Knitted Lace of Estonia."  The concept of a "warm shawl" is more Orenburg (Russian), but still, Estonians knit some shawls less airy and light than others, so fine.
You can see where this is going, right?  I'm using handspun, I have over 600 yards, the pattern calls for less than 550 yards.  I work only 11 repeats of the main pattern not the suggested 14, since my yarn is slightly heavier and my needles slightly bigger and the yarn is so very springy it's going to block out hugely.  And when I get halfway through the outer edging, with seven very long edging rows left and the bind off (recommended done with the yarn doubled for strength and wear)...

I am out of yarn.  Out of handspun yarn.

So this morning, rather than getting the shawl off the needles and blocking it, I am spinning the last little half ounce of Fred-the-fiber-supply (my daughter names my fiber supplies; currently I had been spinning Frank, the Babydoll Southdown wool pile) and hoping to get just enough yardage to actually finish the shawl without having to resort to a white outer border.  Wish me luck.

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