Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Her plan to keep you safe

I don't watch TV.  Really.  Not at all.  Once a year I sit to watch the Superbowl.  Other than that, nothing.  Definitely not the evening news.  But our family does discuss current events, foreign affairs, science and its new discoveries, and so on, quite regularly.
Adele with the nest full of pteranodons

So now Adele is in the kitchen with her family of origami pteranodons.  She has made them a nest out of construction paper, and a "safe house" out of some wool waste from my wool combing.  She's making them play, and then run to the safe house when they see a meteor approaching.  Then she announces they survived the extinction event and they're safe, and goes back to playing for a while.  She told me the wool is very good for protecting them because it's soft and warm and fire proof.  So all the happy little pteranodons are going about their business with their eyes on the skies.

I guess she's heard about the meteorite strike in Russia last week, and had to work out what that meant for the modern world since she knows about the KT extinction event!

p.s. Don't ask me why she's wearing cat ears and a tail, I can't explain that.

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Shayla said...

Kitty (Brianna) wears cat ears quite a bit and she's 16 now.

Also, I'm so glad that wool is keeping us all so safe!