Friday, April 19, 2013

Plays well with others

That's what I'm calling the finished yarn from my last post's adventures:

Three-ply, 200 yards, 2.55 oz, 17 wpi, 1255 ypp.  It's a lightweight but bulked up DK weight yarn.  I'm thinking it would be perfect for knitting up Knitty's Knotty but Nice hat or something like that.  It's very soft, very lofty, and was a breeze to ply up.

I guess the rest of this Romeldale will need to be blended, maybe with more of this Rambouillet cross (I still have HOW MANY POUNDS of the Rambouillet x Targee x Polypay?).  It turns it from a nightmare of a fiber into a sweet night's dream.

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