Thursday, May 2, 2013

Give him an "A" for appalling

The principal of local Albert Einstein High School posted the following on the school website and apparently distributed the notice to families.  This is one of the most appalling, offensive, unprofessional, regressed, and generally inappropriate statements I have ever heard in modern public education.  He has removed it from the website after complaints, but has issued no apology and has stated to advocates that he fails to see what is wrong with what he wrote.  Screen shot is here as apparently the school did take it down.

We will have a new special needs program at Einstein next year called Extensions. The technical description of the Program is, “ … these students have moderate, severe, or profound intellectual disabilities, or multiple disabilities including intellectual disabilities and/or autism. These students have a prolonged history of aggressive, self-injurious, destructive, or disruptive behaviors that have not responded to functional and systematic behavioral interventions … .” 
Our current School Community Based Program is very similar except for the, “ aggressive, self-injurious … ” component. The Extensions Program is self-contained with the exception of their physical education class which is restricted to Extensions students only.  
I am aware that some are concerned about the aggressive nature of some of the kids in the Program. Extension students will come by special transportation, have two of their own classrooms and restrooms, eat lunch in their rooms and essentially be self-contained other than their phys. ed. class. 
Although it is sad that these students do not have the same capacity and abilities and be able to totally participate in Einstein life,  as the remainder of our student body, we will welcome them and their parents and guardians with open arms and gladly. There is no cause for alarm that any of the students not in the Program are in danger. This Program exists in other schools and is growing which is why we have been awarded and welcome its placement at Einstein. 
If you have any questions or concerns about the Program please contact me or Charmaine Roberts who is in charge of our special education program.  
Mr. Fernandez 

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