Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Test Knit Gone Right--Nine Maidens for Lucy Hague

Well things in the house have been the usual level of chaos.  Kids doing well, kids not doing well, me going pretty nuts. 
So naturally I decided to help out with an insanely complex cabled scarf test knit for a designer I've never worked with before, Lucy Hague.
I'm so glad I did.  I'm also so glad that some other people got started ahead of me and fixed a few major charting/written errors that I would have gotten totally lost with.  The designer was a delight to work with.  And I felt accomplished that I solved one of the pattern mistakes that cascaded over several rows, with corrections I came up with which solved the whole problem and with new stitch counts/instructions I was able to provide.
Now if I just ignore the various little cabling mistakes I made (like crossing left instead of right here and there...) I can just enjoy the lovely pattern and scarf.

It took about 350 yards of fingering weight yarn.  For some reason all the photos are coming out grayish in indoor light, but the colorway is "Blue Spruce" (The Buffalo Wool Co. Tracks yarn), and it is much more of a real blue-green in real life.


Amy Polonsky said...

it makes me feel good that you post stuff "errors and all" or should i say, "design features and all." strong work! amy

Mary said...

It is lovely, I can't wait until it comes out so I can make this.

galiah said...