Monday, March 31, 2014

Inspiration strikes from the strangest places

Once upon a time, in Helena, Montana, a physician named Stephen Nagy took microscopic photographs of various cells and tiny life forms and entered them in a photography contest sponsored by Nikon. And a friend showed me this entry, a photograph of the tip of a butterfly's tongue, and jokingly suggested I knit it.
And so I bought yarn
Left side yarns are Pixie in Rose Bud and Djinni Sock in Ode to Sock Summit, both by Dragonfly Yarns

and size 6 and 8 glass seed beads in blue base with metallic multicolored finishes, and purple blue beads in an elongated shape.

Because that's the kind of knitter I am.

Stay tuned.

Incidentally I think a few of the other photographs Dr. Nagy submitted will require knitted versions as well.


florapie said...

That is begging to be a scarf! Not sure whether you'll be channeling your inner Kieran Foley or your inner Stephen West to assist your inner Leesy to get that one done, but the result is bound to be amazing!

clodhop said...

Waiting to see it!

clodhop said...

Waiting to see it!