Thursday, May 1, 2014

Sheepiest Week of 2014

Yes I fell off the face of the earth for the last month. I'm not even going to start going into a discussion of what was going on, it will sound so contrived it would belong on a soap opera if it didn't really happen.
So we'll focus on this being the first week of May. Which means, yes, Star Wars day on 5/4 (May the Fourth be with you). Also, incidentally, MARYLAND SHEEP AND WOOL!

So yesterday and today I went up to help fold tee shirts. Those hundreds of tee shirts in a rainbow of about 15 different colors and 7 different adult sizes as well as children's? They don't arrive folded. They arrive boxed, ready to be folded.  And so a variety of people showed up to unload all the merchandise and then spend two afternoons folding shirts.

I had the privilege of folding the very last shirt that needed it:

And now tomorrow I go up to the grounds again to drop of my items for the skein and garment competition. And then comes the actual

Again, not that there is any excitement building.

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