Wednesday, May 14, 2014

MDSW 2014: It's a Wrap!

With my usual standard of performance firmly in place, I will admit: I not only didn't take a single photo at MDSW last weekend, I didn't even get in any photos with my friends.  Not that friends weren't about.  I got to spend hours with my since-we-were-practically-tiny best friend Mabel; I got to visit with Susan Coughlin (of Coughlin's Homespun Yarns), Linda Evans Flaishans (of Rainbow Rapunzel), and so many other vendors, including The Spanish Peacock, The Tsarina of Tsocks, The Bee Folks, and more.  I got to meet up with Knitties and Ravelers and Facebook friends. And yes, I bought a LOT of wool, fleece, and yarn. And then when I got home and found I hadn't blown my budget, I bought two more small fleeces (a Wensleydale/Gotland cross and a Teeswater/Rambouillet cross, both dark colored) from Lowder Colours Farm because I could and I had to.

Then I got home and unlike many years felt I had to start attacking what I brought back immediately. So I've knit one of the EZ 100th Birthday Anniversary shawl patterns in the Fiber Optics gradient yarn set I bought (I haven't tackled the 4 oz gradient wool top yet):

And I started spinning some top from FatCat Knits that I bought from Susan Coughlin. These pictures were taken as I started out; I finished one third of it. It'll be a three ply sock yarn when I'm done; it's super wash BFL wool.

I really didn't buy any other yarn; it was all fleece and fiber this year for me except this. Now I need a little pattern for the leftover 150 yards of lace weight from the shawl. And if my leg ever stops hurting and swelling, I'd like to finish spinning the sock yarn.


florapie said...

you knit that shawl since last weekend?!?!?!?! Do you still have 6 kids?

Leesy said...

The kids are most of WHY I knit and spin so compulsively ;) But it's not as large a shawl as it looks; it's only about 750 yards or so.