Monday, November 24, 2014

Mostly on hold, so PIE!

My life, that is, is mostly on hold. My surgery was a big success, though it turned out that I had a double-lobed fatty tumor, with one branch the size and shape of a large banana reaching from the back of my neck under the muscle, around several nerves, and compromising the esophagus; and the other reaching over the muscle out to the shoulder and impinging on the nerves there. But it wasn't really growing through the muscle tissue much, so it was easier and less damaging to extract it all than it could have been. The problem for me is that I still have a lot of neck and shoulder pain two weeks out post surgery. I can't lift anything over a couple of pounds, can't turn my neck easily, can't lift my arm above the horizontal plane of my shoulder with any strength, and driving leads to pretty intense pain afterwards. But I have yet another doctor's appointment tomorrow and can follow up more then.

Today I am making pie.

I saw a tutorial a few weeks ago on making cinnamon-sugar swirl pie crust, and loved the idea. Naturally now that I'm ready to make pie I can't find the recipe. So I improvised. I used my regular recipe for a double pie crust (because I almost always do--I'd much rather have a little extra to discard when all it is is flour and shortening than have trouble getting the pie crust big enough and perfectly shaped), and I rolled it out into a big blob:

Then I gave it a very little big of oil and a LOT of cinnamon sugar, and started messily rolling it up:

I cut it into thin slices and put them in the pie pan, then when I had them all in I pressed them in to make sure there were no holes:

And finally in went the filling:

And the finished pie, baked and cooling:

This, obviously, is pecan, but I can see this being delicious with apple or pumpkin pie, or many other choices too. There's no reason why you couldn't do it as a pre-baked pie shell for a chiffon or meringue pie as well.

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Galiah said...

What a great idea for pie crust! And looks so fancy!