Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New beginnings

I realize it sounds like a rehab site, but you know that's what I mean.

It's been a really long, hard year. Hospitalizations for one child repeatedly, medical issue after medical issue for me. Problems with other kids' needs and services. And just real life that always overwhelms us. 

This is me now, today.

This is what I was able to do so far today--spinning for the first time since last spring. First my repeated blood clot interfered, then hospitalizations, then holidays, then gout, then cognitive problems, then surgery, then post-surgical complications.

But today I took off the bobbin of what I was spinning (which was hand-combed fine wool I want to spin at least 6000 yards out of, but which requires hand combing I can't do now) and put it away with notes, and got out some ready-to-spin fiber; it's BFL with a little mohair and glitter, with hints of purple. I'm spinning it into a lace weight single yarn to make a lace scarf.

More medical stuff continues. With the huge lipoma out of my neck, there's no longer ongoing damage to my carotid artery, brachial plexus, trachea, and esophagus, all of which were being compromised by it. But the pain from excess scar tissue and muscle and nerve damage continue, and yet another new medical problem has begun (but I'm not going to go into detail right now except to say I have MORE expensive, invasive testing and biopsies next week).

And I'm making a commitment to try to post at least every other day, if not every day. At least a little bit, a few sentences. I write, I need to write, I should write, I will write. Come along for the ride with me.

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