Wednesday, December 31, 2014

I can almost hear myself think!

My husband left about half an hour ago with most of the kids, and I'm actually HOME ALONE for a few more hours. I don't believe it. I haven't been alone in the house by myself for months, no joke, not for a single minute I'm fairly sure. There might have been a couple times when the only people home were kids in their own rooms, but never has no one been here.
Me this morning knowing I am finally going to get alone time

It's such a soothing concept. I crave time alone and more and more I don't get it. I can't explain why I need it so much, but it's like finally plugging charger into the wall and getting my battery recharged when it was down in the red zone and turning my whole self-device off automatically.

Unfortunately I don't think I'm going to get nearly as much of this as I need, but any is better than none. And I'm not expecting to accomplish anything in particular; I'll be playing on the computer and my phone, spinning, and possibly napping. Not exactly high productivity!  Given that my brain is still truly recovering from long-term oxygen deprivation and whatever else it wasn't getting when my lipoma was affecting my carotid artery, and that my shoulder is still killing me, I'm not going to be able to do any of the major cleaning and picking up that should be done.

I'll just be here, sloooooowly recharging bit by bit. Maybe I'll have another cup of coffee.

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