Thursday, January 22, 2015

At last!

It's just two bobbins of wool. Two bobbins of slightly purple, very textured lace weight singles. Spun from some roving I bought at MDSW'14 from Karen Schlossberg of Avalon Springs Farm here in Mt. Airy, MD. I wasn't even all that thrilled with the roving as I spun it--there were large chunks of damaged, undyed tips scattered throughout, and bits of 1 cm cuts of what looked more like nylon than mohair, and very little "glitz." But it's a decent yarn, and there wasn't an absurd amount of waste compared to other rovings and batts I've bought, really only little bits I kept having to put aside. It wasn't for making the smooth, plied yarns I usually spin.

But it's 6 ounces of yarn, spun. Hopefully around 800 yards or more. I spun it, it came out beautiful, it's yarn. It's the first yarn I've successfully spun since spring 2014. My legs are working; my shoulder isn't at all but it doesn't interfere with my spinning since I draft with my right hand in both short and long draws.

Now I have a gradient top pulled out. I've changed in the last year, and it's not really my color scheme anymore, none of what I bought is. That's okay. I can spin.

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