Monday, July 27, 2015

Almost that time of year in the US...

If you live in almost any part of the United States, it's already or almost county fair time. Our fair has one of the largest in the state (I think it's the largest, but I'm not 100% sure).

Most years I have entered a number of items in the Home Arts competition, in the knitting, spinning, and occasionally weaving categories. Since I really haven't done any knitting, spinning, or weaving to speak of since last year I don't have much.  I have three pieces totally ready to go, all in embroidery of one kind or another…I have to figure out a whole new areas of categories.
Embroidered triptych of a bee, a dragonfly, and a butterfly
in matching saffron floss on black linen

A Rosh Hashanah challah (bread) cover; the center says "A good
and sweet year;" the outer area has pictures of the different
foods we eat as "simanim," symbols of peace, plenty, well-being,
and success, and the partial texts we say with each of those foods..
As of tonight, it's finally edged and lined and pressed and finished.

A tiny (about 4") blackwork piece of a geometric web with a
tiny spider in the top right corner.

I do have one more blackwork piece finished in terms of embroidery. The question is whether I'll get it hemmed or not. At least I'm happy with these, I have something to enter, and if I don't win anything, it's fine, this is the first year I'm entering any of these areas.

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