Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Almost as set as I'm going to get

This is my follow-up to yesterday's preliminary post about county fair entries. I do have my two last embroidery pieces ready to go now, in the sense of all stitch work and finishing completed.
This black work Tudor rose is the piece I used to teach
myself black work; somehow I had never tried it before.
It's set in the top of a wooden box.

This reads, "Wisdom is better than strength," a quote from
Ecclesiastes.  Chochma, wisdom, was considered the feminine
form of the divine in Judaism before the destruction of the first
Temple; it was not just thought of as a female aspect of G-d but
was actually worshipped in its own right as much as the male
nature. After the Babylonian exile and exposure of the leaders to
goddess worship in other nations, on return to rebuild the Temple
the religious leaders of the nation suppressed the goddess cults
and with them the acceptance of worshipping a feminine concept.

Now I just have to get paperwork filled out and cards written up explaining all of this. I hope that's gentler on my shoulder than the hemming has been.

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