Sunday, August 2, 2015

From the past, a hedgehog returns

I've posted several embroideries from this last year, ones I'm submitting to the county fair (and thanks again, Alicia for picking them up to take them in for me). Here's one I thought I'd share that I believe pre-dates my blogging, so it's just never been posted anywhere. The pattern is completely original, it was an attempt to begin teaching myself thread painting. The scale turned out to be slightly too small for that really, but the various stitches and the hedgehog came out very well and I'm quite happy with it.  One day we just have to hang it up on the wall. This was done so long ago I was comfortable working all sorts of stitches for the various flowers, I'm not even sure today exactly how each one was worked.
It's actually all framed and ready to hang and everything. I just have had it sitting doing nothing for years.

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