Friday, November 6, 2015

Learning Hardanger skills and pulling thread

I decided to put my hand to learning Hardanger, an embroidery style I've never learned before. I'm using Roz Watnemo's study series leading up to full Hardanger, a set of four bookmark projects teaching all the various stitches involved before getting to the fourth piece which involves most of the learned stitches plus the traditional cutting of warp and weft fabric threads; they're distributed through the Nordic Needle shop storefront and webstore. So this is Bookmark #1.

First came learning kloster blocks. I had my head pretty well wrapped around this concept already, so it worked out pretty well.

 The center is now done with kloster blocks and box stitch in this photo. Box stitch made me a lot crazier than did kloster blocks somehow. I had to be sure while working out that I got the stitch count exactly right at all times or working back on the diagonals it just wasn't going to match up. Much holding of breath ensued.
Next I did the edge patterns, still done entirely in kloster blocks and box stitch, but somehow with less to anchor the counting or at least it felt that way.

 Finally after that the eyelet stitching was added. In real Hardanger, only a few of the blocks would probably have eyelet patterns; the rest would be cut. But this used four different eyelet stitches to pull center stitches out, making it pulled thread work. And here is the finished bookmark!

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