Thursday, November 12, 2015

Full spectrum

I had learned to weave this design, Maillestrom, a few weeks ago but I didn't have any red rings at the time. I haven't really been working any chain maille for the last several weeks, it's just too hard on my shoulder.

Today I've been crying for no good reason except depression, and the embroidery kits I hoped to get in the mail didn't come yet, so I figured I'd give myself something to cry about. First I spent an hour using my very limited executive functioning skills to mostly prepare some goods to show a shop manager who may start carrying my jewelry. I still need to write descriptive hang tags for each and every item, but at least the ones to bring are selected and organized. That took a good hour and was exhausting for me, but I did get it done.

Then I went ahead and worked this up, a full-spectrum Maillestrom all the way to red, and created a necklace for it out of the last bit of chain I had stuffed away. My shoulder definitely gives me a reason to cry now, if my exhaustion and frustration from the organizing before didn't already. But it's done. I have never had so many rings break or go flying for such a small project before, ever. It was a mess. It's a good thing the finished product is worth it. I put plain anodized aluminum rings between the colored ones, but I think I like all colored outer rings better, so the next time I work one up it will be with all uncolored or all colored rings.

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