Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Magic Sock, a Return to Knitting

There it is. In all its lack of glory. Plain vanilla in every way--simple 2x2 ribbing (properly offset to be even), stockinette leg and foot, Dutch heel. 

But it's the first thing I've completed in knitting in a year.

The glory which is Percocet and steroid injections combined has knocked my shoulder pain down enough that I could do this. My brain is so fuzzy from the Percocet that the sock had to be completely basic and patternless, and even so I Kitchenered backwards (and for those who don't know, I pride myself on being able to Kitchener stitch anything without thinking about it--lace, garter stitch, never mind 16 stitches worth of stockinette in a sock toe, but I blew it). There's still a second sock to knit.

But this one is finished and my shoulder isn't screaming (figuratively) too badly.

Sock along its stages…just for fun.

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