Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A healing shawl, a painful day

I finished the shawl I cast on last week. It was hand spun lace weight yarn from an art batt, knit in the simplest of triangles. All I did was knit and constantly panic over whether I had remembered the increases on each right side row, which had me second guessing myself every time no matter how conscious I was of having done what I needed. It's finished now and it's large (48"x48"x66") and soft and warm and thick, a wrap in which to hide from the world.

Today I spent three hours crying. Just sobbing, tears down my face, ugly crying. My eyes are swollen and red, and I accidentally let the heavy lid of the medication safe slam into the bridge of my nose which is now cut and swollen too, which happened in the middle of the afternoon breakdown and certainly didn't help my disposition.

I can't break this depression.

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Anonymous said...

Your Work is beautiful. I feel for you and hope younare having a better day today