Monday, December 3, 2007

It's not Monday. No. It isn't.

Sunday evening not only was I staggering around I was so tired, but I couldn't even account for several hours out of the day.

We went to Mom and Dad's to celebrate Tirtze's birthday and to see Grandma who's in the process of moving to a retirement home down here. The kids all got their Chanuka gifts since we probably won't see Mom and Dad next weekend (iPod for Tirtze as a combined gift, fake Ugggs for Kayla, Pokemon cards for the boys, toys for the 2 little ones).

I stole a couple of photos from Mom to scan in. Now I'll have a pic of Josie to illustrate any and all posts about Dora (she's even wearing her sweatshirt with the big Superman "D" on the front--you know, SuperDora), plus one of Herbie just 'cause he's cute.

Feivel had his first 5th grade basketball team practice. We'll see just how this goes...he's not the only kid on the team from the special ed program, at least. He also had a boy scout meeting and felt very proud that he already knew a lot of what they went over, thanks to working with Jeffrey.

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