Monday, December 3, 2007


Okay, still no photos of the work in progress, but I'm coming along on Mom's socks. I'm knitting the foot, and that goes quickly, then I'll be done. I'm actually enjoying them again.

I ordered yarn to make Aunt Hedy's socks, but then I realized that despite what I intended, I ordered 100% wool (Louet from The Loopy Ewe, very nice, but still; she lives in Ft Worth TX). So I either have to also order some polyester doubling thread from Patternworks or somewhere to stabilize the heel and toe and make her cold weather socks she'll love but only be able to wear a few times each year, or order some different yarn (like a bamboo-wool mix) she could wear more often. Decisions, decisions.

I think that since I already ordered the Louet, I'll just go with that in the end.

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