Monday, May 12, 2008

Notes from a Soggy Weekend

It is wet. Wet as a frog's bathtub. A ducky paradise. Boy is it wet.

For Mother's Day, Tirtze and Gilad gave me cards they picked out with Oma; Kayla made me a card and gave me a little crystal rose she had saved from a friend's bas mitzvah. We went over to Mom and Dad's for a little brunch. Our gift to Mom was the first scarf I made on my ever-wonderful new 3' triangle loom, done in a fuzzy black, grey and white wool/acrylic blend. It is quite lovely and she seems to like it.

My other weaving on the loom includes 2 grey wool triangles which I hope to seam and then embroider in whites, greys, and blues; and the piece I'm working on now which is difficult but wonderful: a jewel-toned ladder yarn. Kayla has suggested I give this to Aunt Hedy, since Kayla insists it's beautiful but that I don't usually wear such bright jewel tones. Ladder yarns when woven look like strung beads, so I can't wait to take it off the loom; I'll try to be sure to take photos.

In other fibery news, Interweave's Piecework magazine published a pattern for filet crochet based on historical research of Laura Ingalls Wilder's life and works; it's a large doily or dresser scarf with birds on a branch (note to anyone considering working the piece: there are pattern corrections to the symbol listing). I don't do filet crochet (well, I could, I suppose, but I haven't crocheted in years and I just don't have time to start something else new), so I just cut the article and pattern out and mailed it to Julie; maybe she has a friend who can replicate it for her.

Everyone at home has a bit of a cold or virus; runny noses and sore throats. Addie seems to have had it first and is feeling better already; I'm still feeling a bit miserable and run-down but it's not too nasty. Feivel had bug bites from Friday and was convinced he had chicken pox again; not only that, but he was checking his brothers out and insisting that every little spot or bump on their bodies must be chicken pox too.

The only other real news is that before the rain came pouring down, Jeffrey was able to go pick up a desk from a freecycler, so now we have the small desk we needed. Thanks, freecycle.

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