Monday, May 12, 2008

Triangle loom weaving

I've been so obsessively weaving on my new 3' triangle loom that I haven't had time to do almost any knitting or spinning, both of which I really need to get done. I'm about 1/2 done with my kimono sweater, had to reorder yarn for the slow-bee shawl knit-along (which started this last week so I'll be at least a week behind) when my first yarn turned out to have been sold knotted in the skein. I wasn't willing to hand-wind and untangle 1533 yards of black lace weight merino/silk yarn, go figure; I didn't even bother to check the second or third skeins I bought, I'm just returning them all. They're being replaced by the seller (Woodland Woolworks, who are wonderful) with a coned tencel lace weight yarn, and I'll probably use the rest of my $$ credit to buy some recycled silk or rayon for my wonderful new loom.

So far I've woven a black and grey scarf for mom; 2 grey wool (yummy) triangles I'm going to seam and embroider for myself in shades of white, grey, and blue; and now this great ladder yarn scarf:

I know, somehow the lighting gets way off when I import into blogger, so here's stitch detail, with slightly better photography and color definition:

Really, the colors are brighter jewel tones, but this will have to do. It's lovely and drapey, and the kids say I should send it to Aunt Hedy.

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