Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My needles are out of breath!

Moni of the delightful Slow Bee Mystery II KAL released all three of the pattern clues that were left this week, as she is having trouble guaranteeing her own internet connectivity during a housing move. On the one hand, this enables all of us to run ahead and finish the beautiful stoles. On the other, this ruins my pacing; I feel compelled to try now to push through and finish this as fast as I can. Given that I have been working only one half so far, that means that as of now, with my stole complete through clue 14, I have one more clue and the bind off for this half, and then the entire second half to finish; that's at best going to take me a couple more months, and probably more like 3-4 months. But here is my SBII shawl as of clue 14, the whole half and then a close up:

While I'm running along with that, and waiting breathlessly for the third clue in the Mystery Stole IV KAL, I have to share what arrived today from Butterfly Girl Designs' Etsy shop:
A Cirque batt (merino, sari silk fibers and Firestar) and a Howlite spindle (I know I don't use spindles much but it was so beautiful and inexpensive I couldn't resist)

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