Saturday, September 20, 2008

Not that there's anything going on

I've just been busy (surprise).  I meant to have a whole post on Friday being Talk Like a Pirate Day, but even though I have 2 pages of silly pirate jokes saved (What's a pirate's favorite music style?  Arrr and B.  Why do pirates have trouble learning to read?  They spend so much time on the Cs.  And yes, many of them are much worse), I just didn't have time to get started.  I will report that Sachy came down first thing in the morning and requested Captain Mommy's permission to access the pirate potty; that Gilad addressed everyone as "Captain" all morning; and that we all got to enjoy parrots on our shoulders (remember Clouseau with his blow-up pirate and the beumb?) on Ravelry.
So I will just share my yummy yarn I did finish spinning and finishing:
It's the cirque batt from Butterfly Girl Designs, spun into a 2 ply yarn, 120 yards, plus 15 yards of singles left over.  It's much brighter than it looks, but as always I'm doing my photography in the evening, with our inadequate lighting.  It's glorious, incredibly soft; you could make underwear out of this yarn.  Okay, it would be gaudy, bright underwear and rather a silly use of the yarn, but it would be soft and comfortable.

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