Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now we're getting--or knitting--somewhere!

Slow Bee II is half done tonight:

and a close up of the edge (not blocked, but it gives you an idea of how very elaborate this whole thing is):

And part of the reason I've been quiet about everything except knitting is that while MS4 had no beads in this clue, it was 60 rows for the week and I only finished the clue tonight (I usually finish Sunday evening):

On the home front, all is well and the kids are just generally nuts.
Our big excitement was last night, when Mom was formally installed as president of the board of the Jewish Council for the Aging.  Remember from now on to only address her as Mme President!

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Galiah said...

Wow. The shawl is coming out really beautiful! It's so awesome that you have a hobby that can be an outlet, as well as productive...