Saturday, August 13, 2011

Doesn't this go on at your house?

Jeffrey wasn't home for Shabbos, but all the rest of us were so we were sitting having our weekly formal Shabbos dinner.  Inevitably after our discussion of religious topics, somehow Kayla (of course) mentioned vampires.
Addie, who sits next to her at the table, turned to Kayla and asked, "Are they these?" while lolling her head, sticking her tongue out, putting her hands right in front of her, and muttering, "Brains!  Brains!"  No, Kayla reminded her.  That's zombies. 
"Oh," Addie said.  "These!" and she put her hands by her mouth and sticking her forefingers out as if they were canines.  Then she began advancing towards Gilad.
He looked at her.  Then he held his hand out and yelled, "Stake!  I'm staking you!  Stake launcher!   I have a stake launcher!"  He chased her around the house.  They thought this was the best game ever.  
I never thought I'd need to yell "Don't stake your sister" at my children.

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