Sunday, August 21, 2011

Now is that fair

It's not a rant here, just more of an amused knitter's thoughts.
I picked my things up that I entered at the county fair.  I did win 2 blue ribbons and I think 5 second place ribbons plus a 3rd place and a 4rth place, but it's not as much as I won last year; no rosettes or Best in Shows.  That's fine, I'm still pleased.
What amuses me are some of the comments.  Two different yarn skeins both have the comment that the yarn would have won at least a blue ribbon if my presentation had been better.  My presentation as such is exactly what they require, and what was also accepted at MDSW without comment.  Still, obviously I'm missing something there, but frankly I'm happy to know that the actual spinning was good enough to be blue-ribbon quality and I'm not going to worry over the actual ribbon.  The really funny one is my black shawl, though.  The comments say that the knitting is exquisite and perfect but that the piece was downgraded because the yarn is "seriously overspun" and the piece was entered in spinning goods.  The funny part is that this was blue ribbon/rosette winning yarn last year at this same fair, with a comment last year that the yarn would be perfect for knitting lace!  So another validation not to take fair comments but so seriously, all of you.
My cashmere Orenburg yarn and my Sea of Azov scarf knit in commercial cashmere both took the blue ribbons.


Steph said...

Haha! Good to know.

AudreyGS said...

I would post a "disagree (1000)" with their presentation of that shawl, too. Very hard to appreciate the beauty of the lace, all scrunched up like that! I missed the deadline for Los Angeles county fair; my cousin's wife won a 2nd place with a very simple ribbon yarn scarf at the Orange county fair, so standards aren't quite so high here. I think your work is gorgeous!

Poops said...


That's all I have to say about that. Your work is exquisite, and I can tell that through plastic and from several states away. I'm sure if I got a chance to actually see and touch your knitting and spinning up close I'd probably wet myself. Which would be embarrassing for at least one of us.

galiah said...

i'm always in awe of your creations-- you must have hands of gold and a honed talent-- they are all really, really beautiful.