Friday, December 2, 2011

An open letter, feel free to distribute and share our situation

Perhaps you can help us or send us in the direction of someone who can.  

We receive medication prescription coverage through Merck Medco as the provider from my husband's employer.  They require us to go through their mail order pharmacy to receive coverage.

They require we get no more than a 14 day local prescription.  However, this will be a minimum of a 21 days before they can get our medications even mailed out.

Twelve days ago we sent in prescriptions for life-saving medications; seven prescriptions in all for two family members.   As of today, none of those drugs have shipped from them and there is no assurance they will ship in the next few days.  This is not due to any administrative delay they can cite (as if would be the case if it were too soon for a refilled drug, or the like).  They simply have not gotten the prescriptions mailed out.

We have no idea how we can afford to pay for these drugs without insurance coverage, but even more are we both furious and anxious that we cannot provide necessary-for-health-and-life medications.  Do you or would anyone you know be able to help us with this situation?  I am literally so sick that I cannot eat right now trying to navigate this situation.

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Leesy said...

An update as of 4:00 pm. We have been in touch with "Pat" from "the president's office." She says she is trying to see if the prescriptions can be transferred, but now she insists they have already been filled and no one can find them physically because their company is so automated. She cannot guarantee or take responsibility to make sure we will either get the prescriptions transferred or in hand tomorrow, and she will not provide a contact we can reach over the weekend if we find that neither has happened as of tomorrow night. She says we should just call the regular customer service number if we want to talk to anyone tomorrow night or Sunday. In other words, they still have not fixed it, gotten our medications, or gotten assurances that we will have any of our drugs, even just a few days' worth, by tomorrow night.