Saturday, December 3, 2011

Temporary partial reprieve

As of Saturday daytime, the medicines (my 3 and two of my daughter's; not including the one which can't be refilled yet and which we don't need so timely and the one they are still apparently checking with the MD about) did arrive at our door shipped from Medco.  Nothing was ever transferred to the local pharmacy.  We never got an answer about why Medco can't apparently process multiple medications ordered together when their own paperwork they offer us accommodates and encourages that method of ordering; why we received contradictory information about the possibility of transferring the prescriptions; why prescriptions mailed two weeks ago and which arrived at Medco in a timely manner were never being filled for administrative reasons related to one single prescriptions for one single individual; why their method of trying to contact a doctor consisted of a single phone call to a doctor's office on a Sunday; why our medications were not transferred on our request but rather magically were moved to a "being filled" status when their was no other option than transfer to a local retail pharmacy for them, so that they could insist that a prescription already filled could no longer be transferred; why they had never made adequate efforts to contact us or inform us that the prescriptions would all be delayed for any reason much less nonsensical internal administrative ones; or why then they could not physically track down the medication.

But the important thing for us right this minute, as I said, is that we have the drugs we need in hand for the moment.

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