Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving and the sickies!

Well we got to see all the Kaplan cousins (actually Gill and Shifrin cousins):

Olympia, the littlest;

Olympia and Margo, who can still lift her baby;
Kayla, Gilad, Sachy, Bryce, and Feivel;

Feivel, Bryce, and Jeremy;

Kayla, Adele, Jeffrey, Bryce, Feivel, and Gilad;

Bryce and Margo.  Don't take his cup.
I thought I had a picture of Ezra, but now I can't find it.  We didn't forget him.
However, the real reason we haven't been available to post any updates is that viral nastiness has taken a turn for the bacterial; Tirtze has a sinus infection (though she's been on antibiotics since just before Thanksgiving); and as of this afternoon, Feivel was diagnosed with real, honest-to-goodness bacterial pneumonia, and started on some antibiotics.  Apparently missing two weeks of school wasn't enough for him; he's shooting for 3.

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